Boliy Pro3600SIE
Advantages of Boliy generators:
Boliy Pro3600SI and the new electric start Pro3600SIE (model number not
matching the wattage here) is a true Digital Signal Processing (DSP) inverter
generators. Other inverter generators use the transistor induced technology
which is just simulated signal processing. With the advance German made
microprocessor, the DSP resulted in a power conversion rate of 20% higher
with compatible inverter generators. The voltage is adjusted to maintain at
stable 120V by the computer inverter module. The light weight design makes
them ideal for transportation.

Digital Inverter Generators

One of the challenges of power generators today is to combine compact size
and low noise with environmentally friendly emissions. The answer to these
needs through the development of digital inverter generators. These smart,
reliable, and quiet units produce smooth and consistent electrical output. Their
sinewave inverters are suitable for sensitive digital electronics that most
conventional generators won't work well.

Boliy Digital Generator is Semi-portable and Light Weight

Boliy digital inverter generators are approximately 50% lighter than traditional
generators because the alternator is directly connected to the engine, and the
flywheel is therefore eliminated. The voltage is constantly adjusted to maintain
at 120V by the computer inverter module. The light weight design makes them
ideal for transportation.

Boliy Generator is Quiet

Boliy digital inverter generators have a new two-tiered noise dampening
system, so the noise emitted by these generators is 6-9 dB less than
traditional generators. This translates to 4 to 8 times quieter than conventional
generators. A 3 dB drop in noise level represents the half amount on the
actual noise. This meets the new noise ordinances that some state and
national parks have adopted.

Boliy Generator is EPA and CARB Approved

Boliy high-performance combustion system reduces emission levels to the
lowest limit. Each Boliy comes with an EPA label. The engine is from the same
factory that made the Yamaha engine with special Nikasil (nickle alloy) coating
for durability and efficiency.

Boliy Generator is Quality Power

The power wave of this generator set is a perfect sinewave. This produces a
"clean" power output that can run precise equipment or instruments sensitive
to any disruptive voltage fluctuations, such as desktop computers,
life-supports, etc. Use of non-sine wave power generators (most conventional
generators), may over time, damage those equipment.

Smart Throttle:

This generator is equipped with the unique smart-throttle. It can automatically
regulate the engine speed according to the load, so the fuel consumption of
digital generator sets is lower by 40%, than traditional sets, the running time is
therefore much longer as well. The noise level is further reduced at lower
running speed.